Released                      29.4.2002

Produced by                Michael Cretu, Jens Gad
Background vocals     Michael Cretu (Such A Shame)Jens Gad (Silent Running, Now)Andy Jonas (Forever)
Aranged, Programming     Michael Cretu & Jens
Recorded                      A.R.T. Studios, Ibiza (Spai

01 FORGIVE ME 4:22       (Michael Cretu)
02 FOOTPRINTS 3:43       (Wolfgang Filz & Dawn Schoenherz)
03 MOTIVATION 4:00       (Dave Inker)
04 I CLOSE MY EYES 4:05       (Andy Jonas/Andy Jonas, Michael Cretu)
05 PERFECT TOUCH 3:43       (Marc Cassandra, Wolfgang Filz, Heide..)
06 SILENT RUNNING 4:13       (B.A. Robertson & Mike Rutherford)
07 SUCH A SHAME 4:17       (Mark David Hollis)
08 NOW! 3:59       (Michael Cretu, Jens Gad/Michael Cretu)
09 FREE LOVE 4:13       (Martin Gore)
10 FOREVER 3:44       (Peter Ries & Wolfgang Filz)
11 THE WHEEL OF TIME 4:09      (Michael Cretu & Jens Gad)Total time 44:5

Comeback album! Except remixes “My favorites” (99) is a new album after 7 years! The album was recorded single clip “Forever” (co-production clip in Prague!) Album classically produces as all the album is still Michael Cretu and just like the last album in 1995 Jens Gad. The album came out 3 singles (which was in her last in 1990) Forever, Such a shame, I close my eyes! and nearly a fourth “Forgive me” (which eventually officially came out as a promo with the new radio version!) A large surprisingly 8th album sales in Germany, which therefore means that officially, this is its 3! most successful album career! (ie, the bestselling album than some of her other albums from the time of its greatest glory). The album has a total of five cover versions eg from Mike and the Mechanics or even Depeche Mode. The album had songs include “Prince of Hearts” and “Simple Obsession” (cover: Andru Donalds) ultimately were not released