(The 8th album)


1. What D’Ya Think Of Me

(Gad – S.Cretu)            4’32
2. The Way I Am
(Gad – S.Cretu/Gad/Donalds)            3’29
3. The Art Of Love
(Gad – S.Cretu)            4’11
4. What Is It About Me
(Sela/Gad/Stenzel – Sela/Gad/Stenzel/Mc Kenzie)            3’52
5. Dear God… If You Exist
(Gad – S.Cretu)            4’26
6. Silence Beside Me
(Gad – S.Cretu)            3’35
7. Once Upon A Time
(Cuidad/Gad – S.Cretu)            4’50
8. Put Your Arms Around Me
(O’Connor/Nowels)            5’05
9. What’s Left To Say
(Cuidad/Gad – Dornaus)            4’35
10. Casino Royale
(Nowels/Steinberg/d’Ubaldo)            3’49
11. Love Is The Price
(Long/Levis)            3’20
12. Shadow Of Power
(Cuidad/Gad – S.Cretu)            3’34
13. All You Zombies

Lead vocals and spoken voices by Sandra Cretu

Background voval on ‘What is it about me’ by Jens Gad, Kim Sanders
Children choir on ‘The art of love’, ‘Dear God… if you exist’, ‘All you Zombies’: Nikita, Sebstian, Henry,
Antonia, Ana, Mona, Gina, Flora i Muna
Vocals of Dj Bobo on ‘Love is the price’ recorded by Axel Breitung at Bishop Studios, Hamburg

Recorded, mixed, mastered at Gad Studios, Ibiza, Spain
Guitars, bass, livedrums and programming by Jens Gad
Koto on ‘The art of love’ by Miyabi Sudo
Violin on ‘The art of love’ by Santi The Violin

Produced by Jens Gad

Photos: Bärbel Miebach
Artwork:, Hamburg

Song ‘Dear god… if you exist’ Sandra dedicated to her brother Gaston
Song ‘Put your arms around me’ Sandra dedicated to her beloved boys Nikita and Sebastian

Release date: 23 February 2007


After 5 years, the new album on which they sing even Sandra twins .. who Sandra donated song “Put your arms around me” and his brother who is no longer alive song “Dear god .. if you exist”. For the first time since 1985, does her husband Michael Cretu album with which divorcing after 20 years, but only produced has family friend Jens Gad, who already collaborate with Michael since the early 90s (example first work for “Don´t be aggressive” from 1992). At this time the album musically and lyrically more closely for Sandra about her life. Sandra wrote more lyrics for song at this album. On album is a duet with DJ Bobo this time a new version of his song “Love is the price” (1996). This album in verypop style ala Enigma.  Singles came from it The way I am & What is the about me. Originally Sandra wanted to come out first single “The logical love “, which eventually was just a bonus for “The way I am”. On the album, we can find several cover versions, example from Sinead O´Connor.  The album should be further songs “Oblivion” and “Man in the moon”, which eventually were don´t published. Album has a nice photos with nice graphics, certainly best, from the first album with more sites. “The art of love” reached the respectable 16th place in total marketability in Germany, which is surprising, because the album don´t have any videoclip.Certainly as it may, a good promo and loyal fans. Next big quality from Sandra´s music with producerJens Gad.