(The 10th album)

CD 1 (The Original Album)1774

1. Stay In Touch          3’482. Infinite Kiss          2’513. Between Me & The Moon          3’224. Maybe Tonight          3’055. Moscow Nights          3’416. Heart Of Wax          4’157. Kings & Queens          3’168. Angels In My Head          2’559. Sand Heart          3’4710. Love Starts With A Smile          3’2611. Sun In Disguise          4’23

CD 2 (The Extended Mixes)

1. Moscow Nights (Extended Version)          5’122. Kings & Queens (Extended Version)          6’303. Love Starts With A Smile (Extended)          5’464. Angels In My Head (Extended Version)          5’355. Stay In Touch (Extended Version)          5’486. Between Me & The Moon (Extended)          5’277. Sun In Disguise (Extended Version)          5’578. Maybe Tonight (Extended Version)          4’589. Infinite Kiss (Extended Version)          5’1710. Sand Heart (Extended Version)          6’2011. Heart Of Wax (Extended Version)          7’12

The album “STAY IN TOUCH” was released in two versions: standart (1 CD) and delux (2 CD). Delux  version contains extended versions of all songs. Male vocals by Hubert KaH

Produced, arranged, instruments & mixed by Piet Blank, Jaspa Jones, Andy Kaufhold (SoundColours)

Pre-production & vocal recording: Jens Gad (gadstudios New York, samoqi studios Ibiza)

Artwork by Marc Schilkowski

Release date: 26 October 2012

* * *


  SANDRA NOW in 80s style… is it a dream ?  No! It´s reallity !!! The unexpected happened !!!!Totally comeback with 80s style in new power sounds for Sandra 80s fans & 80s music lovers.Songs wrote JENS GAD again and PIET BLANK & JASPA JONES whos they added absolute power and arange of the 80s – Sandra´s best succes times..This album continues in style after first albums in 80s – The long Play, Mirrors, Into a Secret land!Songs written by Jens Gad and Hubert Kemmler, who sings and wrote most the greatest hits of Sandra, and again we are after long years to hear his vocal on this album.The album came out 2 singles : Maybe tonight and Infinite Kiss, to which Sandra made ​​a videoclip.Released special 2 CD deluxe edtion with extended version for all album trax !!! SANDRA, JENS, HUBERT, PIET, JASPA and SANDRA´S TEAM – Thanx for fulfillment of dreams…..